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BioREM BioMASS Gasifier

We introduce to oil palm plantation industry in Malaysia and Indonesia a significant diesel displacement alternative in which the palm kernel shell is converted in-situ into syn gas or producer gas and be channeled into the diesel internal combustion engine. The engine could be in the form of power generation as in gen-set or other direct coupled application.


The major application are for plantation staff quarters/complex  and office in the remote location from supply of power grid and at which there is abundant of kernel shell or other fossil fuel such as wood and  other vegetation and or organic waste.


With the Biomass Gasifier availability, living conditions could be improved with continous supply of electricity throughout the day at a minimal cost. 


Our gasifier offers advantages and benefits of:


̃ Converting the waste into clean producer gas that will displace diesel usage up to 80%

̃ Compact in size and easy installation without modification of diesel enginer

̃ Payback period of less than 18 months in most instance

̃ Low maintenance and completed with automated feeding and ash  removal system

̃ Simple to operate without high dependency of tar removal system comparatively