We care for the NEXT GENERATION!



BioREM Sdn Bhd was incorporated with business vision of enabling the market with alternative choice of environmental-friendly and resource-efficient process, technologies and products.

Its focus market is general manufacturing industries with emphasis on palm oil milling industry and related downstream industries namely refining and oleo-chemical industry.

It is destined to serve the industry with specific approach-with emphasis on providing innovative technologies and products, coupled with value-added services that will enhance our customers’ competitive advantages.

It is therefore the long term task of BioREM to strive to continually introduce and promote products and processes that will bring about benefits in terms of:

̃ Minimizing the pollution of environment by reducing harmful discharge and generation of non-biodegradable residual

̃ Reducing the utilization of resources such as water, fuel by introduction of more efficient processes and products

̃ Converting the use of fossil fuel to organic fuel generated from biomass and sustainable resources such as palm oil waste

̃ Converting from utilization of inorganic chemicals to greener organic based water treatment chemicals



IN essence, it is the belief of BioREM and its stakeholders that  economic development should co-exist with environmental sustainability and its ultimate mission to participate in making this equilibrium a reality.